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Gerdau Interview

Ahead of Eurocoke Summit 2021, we spoke to Dr. Guilherme Liziero Ruggio da Silva, Technical Consultant for Coal at Gerdau, to get a sneak peek of his presentation on 'BioCoke: Adding biomass to the coal blend with a focus on reducing CO2', and to get his opinion on the top three market trends post-COVID.

Guilherme, please could you share a preview of what we will hear about during your presentation?

I will cover Brazil's potential in the production of biomass from eucalyptus, sugarcane, corn, coffee and elephant grass. Also, the presentation will include the challenges and technical opportunities of biomass consumption in the coal blend. And, what is more, the development for consumption at the Gerdau Ouro Branco Coke Plant.

What would be the top three market trends in the coke and coal industry post-COVID-19?

I would highlight the following top three changes:

  • Development of metallic charge for low coke rate in blast furnaces - Pellets increase
  • Biomass consumption in the coke plant
  • Need to increase coke quality - focus on reducing coke rate

What is the best approach to meet today's consumer demands?

Development of customised loads with a focus on increasing the quality of coke that allows reducing coke consumption in the blast furnace.