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Bus visit our of Tata Steel Ijmuiden, Amsterdam
Pickup visitors from Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Amsterdam to Tata Steel Ijmuiden
Arrival at Tata Steel Ijmuiden
Welcome and introduction by Tata Steel IJmuiden
Start of the bus tour
Stop at coke and gas plant
Stop at HIsarna
Back to welcome room
End of visit and return to hotel
Back to Steinberger Airport Hotel
Welcome drinks reception
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Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 1: Current coke and coal market trends
The EU steel sector amidst the war scenario and slashed economic outlook
  • Recession is ruled out in the EU but GDP growth remains very low and exposed to persisting geopolitical shocks and downside risks (war, inflation, higher interest rates, supply chain issues)
  • Monetary policy tightening (policy rate now at 3.75%) most likely to continue, due to inflation around very high levels also throughout 2023, albeit moderating. Inflation remains a big issue
  • However, EU’s response to its (most severe in history) energy shock in 2022 has been quite effective and has avoided any energy shortage, contributing to lowering energy prices
  • Apparent consumption dropped more severely than expected in 2022 (-7%). Moderate drop also in 2023 (-1%), rebound in ‘24 (+5.4%)
  • Demand from steel-using sectors (SWIP) grew by 3% in ‘22 but only by 0.3% due to the expected downturn in the construction sector; modest growth in automotive output (still far below 2018 output levels)
  • Import market share remains high, even at times of very weak demand

Alessandro Sciamarelli | Director of Economic and Market Research EUROFER, European Steel Association (EUROFER)
Metallurgical coal - a long term outlook
  • Recent history: developments over the past year amid the covid-comedown and the war in Ukraine
  • The next few years: a reversion to the norm or more disruption on the horizon?
  • The long term outlook: growth prospects for metallurgical coal and long-term supply availability

Chris Bandmann | Senior Analyst, Metallurgical Coal, Wood Mackenzie
US metallurgical coal supply for world markets
  • Production growth from existing and new met coal mine projects
  • ​Logistics and capacity for US met coal exports
  • Production cost curves adjusted for coal quality

Seth Schwartz | Managing Director, Energy Ventures Analysis
Networking break

Met coal – a Queensland supplier’s perspective
How did we get here? - Supply trends in the global metallurgical coal markets.
Met coal Demand – the beginning of the end or the end of beginning?
What could happen in a “structurally scarce” met coal market?
Mark Bolton | General Manager-Marketing and Logistics, Jellinbah Group
Anthracite supply and demand - a new dynamic
  • Ultra high-grade anthracite is a relatively rare commodity currently produced in several regions of the globe
  • Geopolitical events and growing need for environmental improvements have impacted trade patterns and demand for anthracite
  • Historic sources are ramping up to meet expected demand growth
  • New sources are emerging
  • Emerging applications for carbon are driving research into the characteristics of and potential for anthracite growth
  • As a result of these factors, value in use for reliable sources of high-quality anthracite will improve relative to other carbon resources

J. Greg Driscoll | Chairman , Blaschak Anthracite Corporation
Coking coal resources in Alberta Canada
Jack Krusche, VP Engineering and Development, Whiterabbit Resources Ltd. & Lossan Exploration Ltd.
Panel session: Market fundamentals and what to expect in the future

Panel moderator: tbc

  • Alessandro Sciamarelli, Director of Economic and Market Research EUROFER, The European Steel Association
  • Chris Bandmann, Senior Analyst, Metallurgical Coal and Iron Ore, Wood Mackenzie
  • Seth Schwartz, Managing Director, Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc.
  • Mark Bolton, General Manager Marketing & Logistics, Jellinbah Groupiscoll, Chairman, Blaschak Anthracite Corporation
  • Greg Driscoll, Chairman, Blaschak Anthracite Corporation
  • Jack Krusche, VP Engineering and Development, Whiterabbit Resources Ltd. & Lossan Exploration Ltd.
Networking lunch

Outlook for coke does the world have enough met coal & steel?
  • Metallurgical coke and coal prices have returned from all-time highs, faster than expected in part due to weak demand – where is the market going next?
  • Where will Coke Supply and demand fundamentals, and pricing end up in the medium term – the rise of India + SE. Asia and the and decline in Chinese consumption megatrends
  • Impacts of Russia & Ukraine war

Banmeet Khurmi | Senior Analyst – Metallurgical Coal & Coke, CRU Group
Session 2: Environmental
How green steel will impact global coking coal demand
  • Impact on pricing trends 
  • ​How will EU, Turkish and CIS producers of coke be affected in current production and future projects?
  • Scenarios for development of green steel and its impact on european and global coking coal demand

Dr James Stevenson | Executive Director & Research Lead, McCloskey by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company
HKM's strategy towards low-CO2 steel production
  • CO2 reduction, sustainability, strategy, blast furnace, coke oven gas

M. Sc. Mohamed Efetürk | Process Development Manager, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH
Networking break
Tata steel Nederland; towards clean, green and circular steel industry
  • Strategy
  • ​Transition towards clean green and circular steel industry
  • Technology
  • Timeline

Peter Hoppesteyn | Programme Lead Operational Sustainability, Tata Steel
India's journey towards carbon neutrality: coking coal consumption outlook and plans
  • Analysis of India's energy policies and their influence on coking coal consumption
  • Changing dynamics in Australia-India trade relations and its impact on coking coal supply
  • Exploring alternative supply routes and partnerships for a stable coking coal supply for India's steel industry
  • Evaluating ESG practices in the Indian steel industry for carbon emissions reduction
  • Impact of green steelmaking on raw material demand and potential alternatives

Pranay Shukla | Director, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Threat to coke and the future of ironmaking
  • Introduction to green steel and the role of hydrogen
  • Transitioning to low carbon steelmaking
  • Coke and cokemaking in the transition
  • Impacts on raw materials
  • Options for zero carbon steelmaking (biocarbon, CCS)

Dr. Neil J. Bristow | Managing Director, H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia
Panel discussion: Wrap up for the day

Panel moderator: Dr. Neil Bristow, Managing Director, H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd.


  • McCloskey Dow Jones
  • Mohamed Efetürk, Head of Project Pig Iron Prod, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH
  • Peter Hoppesteyn, Programme Lead Operational Sustainability, Tata Steel
  • Pranay Shukla, Director, S&P Global
Networking drinks reception sponsored by Xcoal

Drinks reception runs until 19:30
Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 3: Cokemaking technologies & innovative processes
The latest coke making technologies and carbon reduction route of China
  • The coke yield in China reached 473 million ton in 2022, which is about 70% of the world’s total output
  • The large coke capacity in China has been backed up by advanced plant-wide cokemaking technologies, including the solutions for coal handling system, large-capacity coke oven battery, environment-friendly quenching and customized gas purification system etc.
  • With the drive of low-carbon policies, a series of energy saving technologies have been adopted in the industry, including energy saving refractory design, CDQ, automatic heating and waste heat recovery technologies for ascension pipe and waste flue gas etc

Gao Xingsuo | Chief Technology Officer, ACRE Coking & Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation, MCC
Stamp charging technology for quality, profit and environment - a trend setter in integrated steel plants
  • Depleting coking coals
  • ​Coal bulk density
  • Usage of lean, soft coals 
  • Heat recovery coke making 

G.S. Venkata Subramanian | Ex-General Manager, BHILAI STEEL PLANT, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
A study on catalyst in improving carbonisation behaviour and improving Coke Quality
  • Improved devolatilization efficiency. 
  • Improved coal charge interparticle surface interactions and binding. 
  • The potential to push Coke out faster due to better coking efficiency, or to blend more weaker and cheaper coking coals to reduce coal blend cost. 
  • The ability to minimise CO2 emissions per unit coke produced due to shortened coking time. 
  • Improved Coke strength properties: CSR & CRI

Ajit Singh | AVP Business Development, Abhitech Energycon Limited
Networking break

Challenging execution of hot full wall rebuild project in one of the tallest stamp-charged coke ovens
  • Full wall rebuild project in one of the tallest stamp-charged coke batteries with meticulous planning & technical expertise
  • Unique hot repair strategy for 3 out-of-circulation ovens - refractory & mechanical work and heating regulation with special 3-stage heating procedure
  • Safe application procedure based on assessment of risks – demolish damaged wall & rebuildnew wall & roof
  • Commissioning of the repaired ovens to bring back to normal operatio
Dipankar Banerjee, Business Unit Director (Iron & Steel, Cement & Non-Ferrous), Fosbel
Nimananda Sahoo, AGM Refractory, JSW Steel Limited, Dolvi Works
Utilisation of cleaned coke oven gas for various applications in the ironmaking process to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Coke oven gas
  • Cleaning
  • Utilization
  • Ironmaking process
  • Reduction in carbon footprint

Wolfgang Kern | Senior Sales Manager, Paul Wurth Italia S.p.A.
Advanced technologies for coke oven gas treatment
  • Coke oven gas (COG) is highly rated as a valuable by-product, rich in hydrogen and methane
  • Highlighting the available options for the treatment of COG and what kind of performance values can be reached

Philippe van der Poel | Senior Process Engineer, DMT GmbH & Co.
Networking lunch
Recent coke oven gas desulphurisation projects
  • Gas Treatment Plant
  • ​Purification of Coke Oven Gas
  •  Improvements of H2S and NH3 removal
  • Currently (and in the near future) implemented desulfurization plants in Italy, Belgium and Brazil
Thomas Bengal, Senior Process Engineer, thyssenkrupp Uhde
Closing panel advisory board panel discussion: Future trends and looking ahead
Panel moderator: Oana Niculita, Head of Sales and Marketing, John M Henderson


  • Frank Redemann, Head of Sales, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions
  • Jan Soonius, Managing Director, HeatTeQ Refractory Services
  • Jorge Caldeira, Consultant, Coalbiz
  • Aleksander Sobolewski, Director, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal
  • Dr. Neil Bristow, Managing Director, H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd.


End of conference

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